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Weddings are always steeped with traditions, and there are so many things that go into your marriage that you don’t even know about. After a while everyone finds these normal as it has been done the same way for ages. Here is the low down on wedding traditions and how they came about. The white […]

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Wedding celebrations are great affairs with relations and friends all invited to enjoy themselves and partake in the celebrations, adding glamour to the function. Every couple going to get married want to make this a day to remember. In many of these functions you find relations who attend the weddings feeling a little lost on […]

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 Wedding Celebrations are big affairs where there is dancing and enjoying yourself with the couple. Usually you are invited for a wedding celebration with a partner if you are not married but in case you are not very close the couple and just an office friend you may be invited alone. In such a case […]

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A wedding is the biggest celebration of your life-time. The guests invited include your relations and friends and you have the list of your guests ready. You will need your family members and relatives to help you sort this out further. Uninvited guests and how to deal with them It is very difficult to prevent […]

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The wedding is a big day for the bride and bridegroom and preparing takes months of planning and organizing. Depending on the number of guests invited the couple has to arrange for a venue for the nuptials and the reception and plan a whole lot more to organize the decor, food and entertainment .  Getting […]

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Here are a few tips to help you avoid making any mistakes when it comes to selecting the right wedding shoes. You might see the most beautiful pair at the store and put them on and they look amazing, but you have to account for the fact that you will be wearing these shoes for […]

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Being the father of the bride, doesn’t just mean you get a free pass to sit in the corner and mourn about your daughter leaving and going to begin her life with her husband. You have a lot of responsibilities on your daughter’s wedding day, and you should try and help her and your wife […]

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A bouquet is a very important part of your wedding and as a bride, you would only get one chance to get it right. We got Stacey Auburn, from WWE & Co. to explain how you should pay attention to all the tiny details to make sure you get it right.”You could even hire a […]

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If you are having a short guest list, you would not have to worry about seating as people can usually figure this out. However, this is an issue for anyone having more than 50 people at your wedding, and to be honest most weddings are going to fall in this category. The last thing you […]

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We have all seen the traditional wedding dresses, white, flowing, embroidered and so on. You might not want to pick the same style of wedding dress and instead might want to play around with the styles, you can definitely do that. Here are a few tips and areas where you can go different, you have […]